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Email Account Creation Policy

Guidelines for creation of Email ID on NIC Server

policy and procedure [gov.in & [at]nic[dot]in Domains]
  1. Creation of E-mail Addresses based on the request from the respective organizations, NIC creates two types of ids, one based on the designation and the other based on the name. Designation based ids are recommended for officers dealing with the public.
  2. All services under e-mail are offered free of cost to all officials under Ministries / Departments / Statutory Bodies / Autonomous bodies (henceforth referred to as "Organization [3]" in the policy) of both Central and State/UT Governments. More information is available at http://meity.gov.in/content/email-policy
  3. For creation of email id officials need to fill an online form by clicking on the following link. https://msgapp.emailgov.in/OnlineForms/ (Alternatively go to https://mail.gov.in/ and click "Download Forms") User Manual is available at https://msgapp.emailgov.in/OnlineForms/ images/email/UserManual.pdf After submitting online form and taking printout of the online application form, applicant needs to get this form certified by the competent authority and there after contact nearest NIC cell.
    1. For District level officials -- Contact DIO / ADIO attached to District magistrate office.
    2. For state departments officials, Contact state NIC Email coordinator. (list of all state NIC email coordinators http://inoc.nic.in/pdf/state-coordinators-list-200616.pdf )
    3. Some of the central government departments who have been given delegated admin consol using which the designated administrator of that respective organisation can provision creation/deletion/change password of all the users under their domain. This service gives the respective organisation the independence of managing their respective accounts. Hence, duly filled and signed forms from such entities are to be forwarded to their respective email coordinators. (Please find attached Excel sheet for the List of Email Coordinators).
    4. Email creation request for the registration on BHAVISHYA portal and GeM portal, all Govt Dept may send their duly signed and verified forms to NIC support.
    Duly signed forms may be sent to emailsupport.tn[at]nic[dot]in . Applicants will receive the credentials as a message on their registered mobile number after creation of email Id from NIC portal.
  4. For NIC mail policy officials may click on following link. https://mail.gov.in/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/layout/policy.html
  5. Procedure remains the same for all the Government offices (including IIT/NIT/Autonomous bodies /PSU/central and state Government /UT)
  6. PSUs email accounts are under chargeable category.

Email creation request for the registration on BHAVISHYA portal and GeM portal

Bhavishya Protal

Department of Pension & Pensioner's Welfare (P&PW) ha s introduced an online Pension Sanction and Payment Tracking System called "BHAVISHYA". This portal is functional and it facilitates the administrative authorities by processing the claims and passing on the calculated amounts and other details to the Pay and Accounts Offices. For this purpose, all DDOs, HOOs and PAOs are required to be registered online on BHAVISHYA portal through an NIC mail id mandatorily. Post/Designation based email-id is preferred. All the Government Department can send their duly signed application form to NIC support. User has to mention "for bhavishya portal" at "free on what basis" column.

GeM Portal

Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D) is a one stop Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to facilitate on line procurement of common use Goods & Services required by various Government Departments / Organizations / PSUs. This portal is functional for facilitating the procurement by the Government buyers, both Central and State. As one of the pre-requisites for registration on GeM, the government buyer needs to have an NIC mail ID. In order to facilitate the government buyer in getting the NIC mail, necessary instructions are already being made available on GeM Portal. However, to provide necessary support and help in getting the NIC Mail-IDs created for such users i.e. Government buyers, all the Government Department can send their duly signed application form to NIC support. For more details visit GEM Portal

Single/Bulk Email Creation, POP/IMAP Enable, Activate email account
    Single Email Subscription

    After the application forms are filled and submitted online by the end user, a two page pdf file will get generated. The user will have to get the form duly signed by the competent authority before sending it to NIC support (emailsupport.tn[at]nic[dot]in )

    Bulk Email Subscription

    For the creation of Bulk Email IDs, the organization should have at least one NIC email ID. In the absence of which they have to obtain one NIC email ID to begin with and subsequently apply for bulk email account creation. List of user names and/or designations format is to be supplied along with the duly signed application form. To enable faster/error free data entry, details must be provided in the format of an Excel Sheet(.XLS Or.XLSX)

    At the bottom of this screen under "NOTE:", the link is provided to download the sample Excel sheet.

    IMAP/POP Enable

    After the application forms are filled and submitted online by the end user, a pdf file will get generated. Duly signed form may be forwarded to NIC support (emailsupport.tn[at]nic[dot]in ) NIC recommends IMAP enable due to the security reason. Unlike POP, in IMAP, messages are displayed on your local computer but are kept and stored on the mail server. IMAP allows you to sync your folders with the e-mail server which is not possible using POP.

    Activate/Deactivate an Email Account

    If the user retires from service or if the user does not log in to his/her mailbox at least once in 90 days, the email account will get deactivated automatically. To activate an email account, the user is required to provide the following details:

    1. User ID
    2. User Name
    3. Date of retirement
    4. Mobile number
Email Services and Usage Policy
    Forgot Password Utility
    [https://passapp. nic.in]

    In order to empower a user to reset his/her password, NIC provides the "Forgot password" service. This service allows a user to reset the password without the intervention of NIC support. Mobile number of the user should be updated in the messaging system to avail this service. If mobile number is not registered, the user will have to update the profile by using Profile & Last Login utility.

    1. Go to https://passapp.nic.in
    2. Enter user's NIC email address and captcha (Random Text shown as an image) and click on Submit button.
    3. User will receive a random code (valid for 8 hours) on user's registered mobile number (If user mobile number is not registered, please get it registered by using profile and last login utility)
    4. Enter the random code and captcha (Random Text shown as an image) and click on Submit button.
    5. Enter new password and confirm, finally click on Submit.
    6. Now, you can use this password to login into your email account.
    Password Policy:
    1. Password must be at least be 8 characters.
    2. Password must not be the same as the previous one password.
    3. Password must contain Uppercase, lower case, number and Special Characters.
    4. Password must not contain dictionary word.
    5. If you do not set the password correctly, a message will be flashed "The password you entered does not follow the password creation policy. Please try again."This implies that the password needs to be set again as per the guidelines stated above.
Other Services
at [https://mail.gov.in ]

There are five utilities in the main screen of mail.gov.in. Click on the small button to change the option.


    Application that enables user to view/download their account's login attempt for the past 30 days. Users can also view their password change history.https://logapp.emailgov.in

    Profile & Last Login :

    Allows users to view/update their account's profile.https://msgapp. emailgov.in/logindetail


    Allows users to search availability of email id. https://msgapp.emailgov.in/idlookup

    Update Mobile No.

    Users can update their mobile number.https://quicksms. emailgov.in/mobile

    Quick SMS

    NIC quickSMS servicehttps://quicksms. emailgov.in/#/home


    As security is a prime concern in today's cyberspace, NIC provides the Last login service. This service allows a user to check the login details of his email id for last 30 days. The details include IP address, date, time and location of access. The console shows access using all protocols i.e. IMAP/POP and web. This application helps in making users aware of any unauthorized access to their account. This service also allows the users to view their password change history changed by the user / NIC messaging support cell. https://logapp.emailgov.in

    Profile & Last Login

    This service allows users to view/update their account's profile. https://msgapp.emailgov.in/logindetail


    This service allows users to search availability of email id. DIO/ADIO/NIC Coordinator has to check the availability of the preferred email address by logging into the URL. https://msgapp.emailgov. in/idlookup

    Update Mobile No.
    1. Login using your credentials.
    2. Click "update your mobile number"
    3. A code will be sent to your current registered mobile number. If you have already changed your number, and your old number is no longer operational, you will need to route your request through the NIC coordinator.
    Quick SMS

    NIC has a Short Message Service gateway configured on its network. Email has been integrated with this service to provide calendar alerts, and email to SMS service. Note: JavaScript must be enabled to avail seamless and rich experience of the service and pop up window should be allowed. quickSMS is a portal designed for Indian Government employees to send SMS quickly and access rich features of contact books. Major features are highlighted below:

    1. SMS can be sent in all modern languages and all over the country (India)
    2. Contact Book and its management (creation, edition and deletion of contact) and bulk contact uploading
    3. groupSMS: you can send an SMS to a group of contacts
    4. groupSMS management (creation, edition, deletion and sharing of groups of contacts)
    5. Send SMS to official distribution lists managed by moderators, that is, SMS to such distribution lists will be sent only after approval of moderators.
    6. Search contact details of government employees and send it to your mobile handset

    Submit feedbacks/issues at smssupport[at]gov[dot]in

    To Search any contact in the Address Book:
    1. Login into "mail.gov.in" using your credentials.
    2. Go to Address Book
    3. Go to Corporate Directory
    4. Search email account by providing any of the parameters given in the drop down menu.