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TourismBoat on Fishing Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land. 

OneAgriculture Field of the major economies of the District, Agriculture contributes a higher share of Rice Production in the State. We have raised so many important agricultural crop in our District. Rice, Groundnut, Pulses, Gingelly, Sugarcane and Cotton. 

Deputy Registrar
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Co operatives


Cooperative Sector in the Nagapattinam District has taken deep root especially in the rural banking, Public Distribution System, dairying, fisheries, handlooms, housing, etc., Cooperative Instituitions run by the Cooperative Department to help the economically weaker section, to upgrade their lives and help for the welfare of social economical Developments of the nation. Cooperative Institution established their role as an efficient and effective model before the world in the recent Global economic recession. They lend Crop Loans, Jewel Loan, MT Agricultural Loans, Self Help Group Loans, Produce Pledge Loans, Non-Farm Sector Loans, and Other Loans to weaker section for the betterment of their livelihood. There are 266 Cooperative Societies of different types functioning under the control of Regional Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies in the District. The type wise details of the societies are given below.

Deputy Registrar[CS]
Deputy Registrar[CS]
Total Deputy Registrar[PDS]
Type of Societies No. Type of Societies No. Total No. Type of Societies Total
PACBs 58 PACBs 64 122 Shops 582
PACRDBs 1 PACRDBs 2 3 Shops(Full Time ) 32
Urban Credit Societies 2 Urban Bank 2 4
Co-op. Marketing Society 1 Co-op. Marketing Society 2 3 Magalir Shops 22
Emply. Co-op. Credit Societies 11 Emply. Co-op. Credit Society 14 25 - -
Primay Stores 5 Primary Stores 2 7 - -
Student Societies 39 Student Societies 44 83 - -
Co-operative Union 1 Whole Sale Store 1 2 - -
Salt 1 Salt 0 1 - -
Other Types 9 Other Types 7 16 - -
Total 128 Total 138 266 Total 636
Sl.No. Type of the Societies Nos
1 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks 122
2 Primary Cooperative Agricultural Rural Development Bank s 3
3 Cooperative Marketing societies 3
4 Employee's Cooperative Societies 25
5 Primary Cooperative Stores 7
6 Urban Cooperative Credit Societies 2
7 Student's Cooperative Stores 83
8 Cooperative Union 1
9 Other type Societies 16
10 Salt Producer Cooperative Society 1
11 Cooperative Whole sale store 1
12 Cooperative Urban Banks 2
Total 266
Primary Agricultural Co-operative Banks

The organization of Cooperative System in Tamilnadu is integrated vertically on the basis of functional responsibilities viz the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks at the base level the District Central Cooperative Banks in the middle level and the State Cooperative Bank at apex level. The Primary Societies at the base are in general multipurpose in character. But in a large number of cases they deal mainly with credit. There are 122 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies in the Nagapattinam District lending Short term and Medium term agricultural credit to farmers dealing in seasonal agricultural operations.

Membership and owned funds

The number of members enrolled in the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks as on 31.3.2002 was 2.61 Lakhs.Out of this number of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe members was Rs. 0.48 lakhs.

The working funds of the Societies mainly depend upon Share Capital, reserves, deposits and borrowings. Share Capital is the main source of owned funds. Total Share Capital amount of all Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks in the district as on 31st March was Rs.989.94 lakhs. Total Deposit outstanding of all Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks as on 31.3.2002 was Rs. 6250.74 lakhs.

The composition of loans and advances in terms of period is Short Term, Medium Term and long-term loan of Agricultural Cooperative Bank. The respectively Main concentration is in short term and Medium term credit, since their borrowers constitute chiefly farmers, whose need of credit being short term in nature. Accordingly the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks give main priority to short-term credit.

The short-term credit constitutes crop loans, jewel loans, consumer loans and other miscellaneous loans. Under the crop loan, credit system is extended in cash and kind with reference to the scale of finance for various crops as fixed by the technical committee.The kind portion of the loan is generally fertilizer and pesticides. In the Nagapattinam District Rs. 2286.65 lakhs have been disbursed for crop loan through Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks in the financial year ended as on 31.3.2002

There is a great demand for Jewel loans in rural areas Rs. 300 per gram of gold is issued as jewel loan subject of Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Only) In this district. Total amount of Jewel loan disbursed through Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks alone was Rs. 5013.12 Lakhs. As on the other types of lending constitute the medium term loans for agricultural and allied activities, non-farm sector loans and consumer loans etc.

Primary Cooperative Agricultural Rural Development Bank

An unique feature of the Agricultural Cooperative Banking in our country is the organization of separate institutions for providing long term loans, on the mortgage of loaded property. To issue especially long-term loans, an independent agency viz Primary Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks are established. In Nagapattinam District. Three Primary Cooperative Agricultural Rural Development Banks are functioning one each at Vedaraniyam, Sirkali, and Mayiladuthurai. Total number of members is 30,298 Out of this 1861 belong to Scheduled Castes.The Share Capital Collection from members was Rs. 149.76 lakhs as on 31.3.2002.

The purpose of loans issued by the Primary Cooperative Agricultural Rural Development Bank is for Minor Irrigation, Farm Mechanisation, NFS activities and Animal Husbandry etc. During the year 2001-2002 a sum of Rs. 475.36 lakhs have been disbursed by the three Primary Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks for the purposes mentioned above.

Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Societies

The main objective of an Agricultural producers Cooperative marketing Society is to provide an outlet for profitable marketing of the produce of the grower members, so as to minimize their dependence on open market forces, especially the Private traders. The other objectives include distribution of Fertilizers, Pesticides and agricultural implements and issue of produce pledge loan etc.

In the Nagapattinam District, three Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Societies are functioning one each at Vedaraniyam, Sirkali and Mayiladuthurai. Total number of member was 7515 as on 31.3.2002. Out of this 1089 members belong to Scheduled Castes. Total Share Capital Collocated from members was Rs. 15.91 lakhs as on 31.3.2002. During the year 2001-2002 the total value of agricultural produce marketed through the societies was Rs. 131.71 lakhs.

Primary Cooperative Stores

There are seven Cooperative Stores functioning in Nagapattinam District. The main functions of the Primary Cooperative Stores are sale of controlled and non-controlled commodities through their retail outlets. During the year 2001-2002 controlled commodities amounting to Rs. 163.80 lakhs and non-controlled commodities amounting to Rs. 17.63 lakhs have been sold by the Primary Cooperative Stores.

Employees Cooperative Thrift and Credit Societies

There are 25 Employees cooperative Societies functioning in Nagapattinam District. This type of Societies are serving for the benefit of salary earners to enable them to avail surety loan, consumer loan, based on their share capital and gross salary and on able Individual maximum borrowing power as fixed by Registrar of Cooperative Societies from time to time, The working fund of these societies depends mainly upon the member's thrift deposit and share capital.

Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Store

In the Nagapattinam District, the Mayiladuthurai Consumer Cooperative Wholesale store is functioning.The main function of this institution is supplying essential commodities for the Public Distribution System as lead society in the Nagapattinam District.

Salt Producers Cooperative Production and Marketing Society:

In the Nagapattinam District the Vedaraniyam salt Producer Cooperative Production and Marketing society is a special type of society. This special type of society is formed for the welfare of salt producers. Out of 236 Acres of Saltpan of Central Salt Department 188 acres of land is handed over to 188 members for the purpose of production of edible salt. The salt produced by members is procured by the society and sold to the other Cooperative Institutions. The Society is collecting Rs. 300/- P.A. Per acre of saltpan from members. The society has earned Rs. 0.23 Lakhs as profit for the year ending 31.3.2002.

Urban Cooperative Banks

There are two cooperative urban banks functioning in Nagapattinam District. One at Mayiladuthurai and the other at Sirkali. The banks have 15863 members of whom 1080 belong to scheduled castes. These banks have deposits of Rs. 6374.11 lakhs and cater to the needs of urban people. Jewel loan, housing loan, professional loan, surety loan, mortgage loan, loan to weaker sections, micro credit loans are issued by these banks. During the year 2001-2002 all type of loans are issued through the banks amount to Rs. 3,212.52 lakhs. Both the banks are coming under banking regulation act and have got license from Reserve Bank of India. The two cooperative urban banks are working on profit and have been declaring dividend at 14% every year for the past 15 years.

Students Cooperative Stores

There are 83 Students Cooperative Stores functioning in the educational institutions to supply stationery and other requirements of the student community in the district.

District Cooperative Union

In the Nagapattinam District, the Nagapattinam District Cooperative Union is functioning. The main purpose of the Cooperative Union is promoting cooperative Education and training. The District Cooperative Union is conducting members education programme periodically at village level and creating awareness about cooperative principles, and benefits accruing to public of Cooperative movement.

Public Distribution System

Another important function of the Cooperative Department and the Cooperative institutions are running Fair Price Shops. In the Nagapattinam District 636 Public Distribution System outlets are run by the cooperative societies. The total number of cards attached to these shops is more than 3.35 lakhs. Distribution of essential commodities such as Rice, sugar, and Kerosene for cardholders, old age pensioners, Anthodia Anna Yojana Scheme SGRY rice, Free rice to small and marginal farmers beneficiaries is the main function of these shops. The Public Distribution System shops run by the coops are distributing every month 4500 MT of rice, 350MT of sugar and 950 K.L. of Kerosene in the Nagapattinam District.

Besides, as a Government policy these shops are also selling Dhoties and sarees, Tea and Salt to general public. In addition they above shops are also selling Non-controlled items of groceries soaps etc., purchased from wholesale stores.

District Central Cooperative Bank

District Central Cooperative Bank is functioning at Kumbakonam for Nagapattinam and Tiruvarur District. It is lending Short-term and Medium-term (Credit) through affiliated societies in Nagapattinam District. as detailed below, it has also entended cash credit facilities to wholesale stores, Marketing Societies, Primary Stores to enable them to implement Public Distribution System and for their regular business.

Cooperative Housing

The following types of cooperative societies are functioning in Nagapattinam District.

Sl. No. Type No. Of Societies
1 Urban Cooperative housing societies and Cooperative house building Societies 10
2 Taluk level Cooperative rural housing societies 7
Total 17

The Cooperative housing Societies accept deposits at the rate of interest from 10 % to 14 % .The Urban Cooperative housing societies issue the following kinds of loans at the rate of interest 16.5 %

  1. Maximum amount of loan to the tune of Rs. 7,00,000/- for construction of new houses to the members of middle and higher income groups.
  2. An amount of loan to the tune of Rs. 25,000/- for construction of new houses to the economically weaker section members.
  3. Maximum amount of loan to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000/- for repairs to the existing houses and extension of the existing houses.
  4. Mortgage loan of Rs. 5,00,000/- to the maximum extant on mortgage of houses.

The rural cooperative housing societies issue the following kinds of loans at the rate of interest 16.5%

  1. Maximum amount of loan to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000/- for construction of new houses to the low-income group members.
  2. Maximum amount of loan to the tune of Rs. 2,00,000/- for construction of new houses to the middle-income group members.
Performance for the year 2001-2002
Sl. No. Type of SocietiesNo. of societies Amount of loan issued
1 Urban 2890 20.20 Crores
2 Rural 12713 29.40 Crores


Dairy Development in the entire Nagapattinam District by means of Dairy Co-operatives is being administrated by the Deputy Registrar (Dairying) Tiruvarur.

The Types of Dairy Cooperatives in Nagapattinam District

From the 18 Functioning milk producers Cooperative Societies the total milk production pendency is 5058 liters. It is being sold at societies level to their local consumers. Surplus milk to being sent to the Thanjavur District. Milk producers cooperative Union is functioning in Thanjavur District for processing and selling in sachets to the urban consumers.

The Total members at the Dairy are 42,288 and the paid up Share capital is Rs. 5,51,590/-. For Dairy Development, schematic lending is being under taken by the Thanjavur District milk Producers Cooperative union ltd., Thanjavur through the following schemes.

  1. Tamil Nadu Backward class community Development corporation scheme
  2. Adi-Dravidar Welfare Department Scheme.
  3. Thadco Scheme
  4. Calf Rearing Scheme.

All the above institutions are under the administrative control of the Circle Deputy Registrar concerned. So, Public can contact the circle Deputy Registrars for redressal of their grievances in the first instance at divisional level. If not satisfied at their level the public is at liberty to contact Joint Registrar at District level.

The following 18 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks are not financially viable and not in a position to give back the matured deposits of the members. Action has been initiated to wind up the affairs of the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks under Section 137 of the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Societies, Act 1983 .

Besides action has been initiated at the Registrar level to refund the deposits from the Special fund created and kept in Kumbakonam Central Cooperative Bank as per the rules and conditions stipulated. The non-viable Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks have been instructed not to accept deposits from members.

Circle Deposit Amt. As on 30-09-2002[Rs.in Lakhs]
Radhamangalam 9.09
Keelaiyur 9.73
Thahattur 1.21
Voimedu 1.05
Arupathi 0.18
Komal 0.03
Kathiruppu 5.72
Poraiyar 1.55
Thirukarukavur 1.45
Kondal 1.40
Keelaperumpallam 0.64
S.Puthur 1.37
Memathur 0.38
Mehandrapalli 0.68
Thennampattinam 0.51
Thiruvali 5.68
Palayapalayam 0.26
Mathanam 0.56
Sl. No Type of Society Whom to be contacted Purpose of loan Maximum loan amount
1 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks Secretary/ Special Officer Crop loan sugarcane loan 45,000
House Building 1,00,000
House Extension 50,000
Consumer loan two wheeler 35,000
Consumer loan other articles 25,000
Non Priority sector 10,00,000
Self help groups loan 5,000
Micro credit loan 5,000
Jewel loan 2,00,000
Marriage loan 1,00,000
Pay loan for Govt. employees 50,000
Maternity Loan 2,000
Professional and Self employed 10,00,000
2 Cooperative Marketing society Secretary/ Special Officer Produce pledge loan 50,000
3 Primary Cooperative Agricultural Rural Development Bank Secretary/ Special Officer Agricultural purpose (Tractor, power tiller oil engine) (According to Project cost) 3,00,000
Non-farming Sector Lorry, Bus, Taxi, Van, Auto According to project cost
Jewel Loan 2,00,000
Marriage hall 10,00,000
Fishing boats 3,00,000
Fish Bond As per estimate
Two wheeler 0.20 to 0.40
Mini Dairy 0.60
Tyre cart 0.25
4 Employees Cooperative Thrift and Credit Societies Secretary/ Special Officer Personnel loan Consumer loan 1,50,000
5 Cooperative Urban Bank Secretary/ Special Officer Construction of house 5,00,000
Non-Farming Sector loan (Van, Auto, Bus) 10,00,000
Jewel Loan 2,00,000
Micro Credit to women 5,000
Small business/ Retail trade/ Accor to be project cost 10,00,000
Professional/ self employed 10,00,000
Pay Security loan 10,000
6 Cooperative Urban Credit Societies Secretary/ Special Officer Jewel Loan 2,00,000
Construction of house 1,00,000
Consumption loans 10,000
Pay security Loan 10,000
7 Kumbakonam Central Cooperative Bank and It's Branches (16) Secretary/ Special Officer Jewel Loan upto 2,00,000
SSI / Small Business upto 5,00,000
Professional/ Self employed 10,00,000
House Construction 6,00,000
SRTO ( Van, Bus, Auto, etc.,) 10,00,000
Consumer loan 0.25
Micro Credit to women 0.05

And Financing all other Cooperative institutions, which required loans from it. Those who need loans are requested to contact the concerned cooperative institution, which is in their respective area of operation for availing the services by fulfilling the terms & Conditions including by giving necessary documents and evidences as called for the chief executives of the institution. If any problem is faced by them they can bring it to the concerned circle Deputy Registrars at the first instance and get it solved.otherwise they can contact Joint Registrar cooperatives to the above address.


Under Public Distribution System 636 shops are functioning catering the needs of people. Rice, sugar, kerosene, wheat, Ooty tea, Subsidised sarees/ Dhoties/ Arasu Salt, Khadi products and non-controlled goods are supplied through Public Distribution Shops. Public are requested to contact the following Phone Numbers. 253056, 253089, if the shops are not running properly, or if any problem faced by cardholders, for redressal of grievances. Mayiladuthurai Cooperative Whole Sale Stores [phone 223260]

It has 75 Branches as its retail selling points. It is the lead society which lifts the Public Distribution system rice, sugar, wheat from TNCSC godowns and distributes to all Public Distribution system shops besides T.C.W.S. The above store may be contacted if any problem is noticed in liftment of ration articles.

The office of Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Nagapattinam.consists of
  1. Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Mayilduthurai
  2. Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Nagapattinam
  3. Deputy Registrar (PDS), Nagapattinam
Table of Societies
General Societies
1 Cooperative Union 1
2 Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores 1
3 Cooperative Urban Bank 2
4 Cooperative Urban Credit Society 2
5 Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Bank 3
6 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies 121
7 Primary Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Societies 3
8 Primary Cooperative Stores 3
9 Employees Cooperative Thrift and Credit Society 29
10 Students Cooperative Stores 83
11 Tenant Cooperative Farming Society 6
12 Labour Contract Cooperative Society 2
13 Salt Producers Cooperative Marketing Society 1
14 Cooperative Canteen 1
Total 258