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Boat on FishingTourism Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land.

Catched Fish - moving outFishing, along with Para marine activities like Dry fish ,Prawn farming constitues the second Major economy for the district. The marine ecosystem provides mankind with food, medicines, industrial products and pleasure.



Image Kodikkarai Beach Also called Point Calimere, the Wild Life Sanctuary here spreads 333.3 Sq Kms with 25 Kms of tropical dry evergreen forests. It is bounded by Bay of Bengal on the East and Palk Straits on the South. It is situated South of Velankanni. One can see mammals like bluebuck, spotted deer, wild boar, semi wild ponies, bonnet macaque: water birds like flamingoes, ibises, herons, spoonbills, olive ediely. Sea turtle, starred tortoise, vipers, marsh crocodiles, etc. are some of the endangered reptiles. There are also many species of marine animals and flora. This spot offers different kinds of land mass from marsh to wetlands, Backwaters to lake. It is open throughout the year from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00p.m.

Once this place was flourishing port of great kings of cholas, Calm strait waters is main reason for water transport between Jaffna, northern tip of srilanka island country. Kodikarai possess undistributed mix of salt swamps, mangroves, backwaters, mudflats, grasslands and tropical dry evergreen forests. Its haven for bird lovers. Shallow waters of this place supports rare species of sea grass and which in turn supports dugongs. Apart from nature lovers, this waters is paradise for kayak and paddlers.

This is a lovely little port located at Velankanni in Tamil Nadu. Kodikkarai also known as the Point Calimere is located at the Coromandal coast has the Palk Straits towards the south and there's the Bay of Bengal on the east. This place is simply rich. Its perhaps one of the richest places you'd see. So rich with natural beauty! The wide array of plants and indigenous animals takes you closer to the earth but the variety also extends to the geography of the area. Backwaters to the marshes, the variety is so huge and just when you think that nature cannot get any more varied within a single piece of land, you are again in for a surprise. You come to a tropical forest.

The Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary which houses the Greater Flamingos due to the salt pans in the area. The Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary is unique because of the presence of three different types of forests here - evergreen forest, wetlands and the mangrove forests. It has several species from the blue-buck to the wild boar but the bird watchers should not feel left behind at all. Ibises, herons, live edielies...the list goes on for those who have a basket list full of adventure sports, feel free to indulge yourself. Your experience with watersports will stay with you until your dying day and for the religious, you have the Amrita Ghateshwar temple. They say the temple has close connections with the samudra manthan episode. There you go Indologists and mytho-enthusiasts.

Another famous spot is the Ramar Padam where footprints of Lord Rama are embossed on the rocks. Also prominent feature of the sanctuary is the Kodikkarrai lighthouse and the British lighthouse. There's a little something for everybody here and nobody feels left behind.

S.No. Factor to be evaluated Lighthouse Specific
1. Size of the Lighthouse [area] 1.02Hec
2. Status of land freehold/lease etc. Freehold.
3. Ownership of land President of India under DLL Chennai.
4. Climatic condition- Temp. & rainfall
5. Tidal range 0.15 to 0.3m
6. History of Natural Disasters Tsunami - Dec.2004,
7. Distance from nearest port/harbour [ if located on an island] Nil
8. Distance from nearest airport/railhead Tiruchirapalli Airport-170Km.,
Nagapattinam Railway Stn.-60 Km
9. Distance from main city located nearby Vedaranyam-12Km,
10. Availability of roads /access to Lighthouse Motorable road upto lighthouse.
11. Availability and facility of public transport Bus Service up to 0.5 Km away from lighthouse.
12. Existence of natural harbours/berthing facility / landing arrangement [ if located on islands] Not applicable
13. Telecom coverage and availability of electricity Telecom coverage and TNEB Electricity available.
14. Availability of potable water Panchayat Water supply and Rain Water Sump
15. Housing infrastructure Lighthouse tower,Powerhouse,Inspection Quarters, Staff Qtrs.-6 Nos., Pump house, CC internal road,Compound wall, Rain water Collection Sump.
16. Presence of unique flora and fauna ManikaraHexandra/ Black Buck
17. Presence of natural features- waterfalls, streams, mountains, etc.
  1. Nearby natural forest [2Kms away] Pointe calimere, having wildlife sanctuary and birds sanctuary.
  2. Nearby Mangrove forest-Avicenia marina at Muthhupettai-[53Km away]
18. Potential for adventure and water sports If feasible, connecting and operating a rope car through our department by linking kodikkarai and point calimere Lighthouse[5Km dist.] for viewing wild life and sea
19. Presence of local/tribal/folk art Nil
20. Nearest tourist destination and distance Point Calimere
21. In case, tourism has to be developed on PP mode , then the statuary permissions that would be required and from which agencies
  1. CRZ Clearance, Tamilnadu
  2. Government and Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation,
  3. Environment and Forest department