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Tourism Boat on Fishing Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam  

Fishing, Catched Fishes along with Para marine activities like Dry fish ,Prawn farming constitues the second Major economy for the district. The marine ecosystem provides mankind with food, medicines, industrial products and pleasure.  


Mineral Investigation

This Department has been carrying out Geological exploration for identifying the occurrences of various mineral deposits in Tamil Nadu and estimation of their reserves for the purpose of economically exploiting them in the interest of Mineral Development both in Government and Patta lands as well as in fetching revenue from the mineral sector to the State Exchequer. The Geological Investigation includes conduct of Geo-Technical Studies in the hill areas of the Nilgiris, Kodaikanal and Palani ranges for purpose of identifying various paleaeo-scars and landslides prone areas so as to take adequate precautionary measures to prevent natural calamities in the slopes of hill areas . The Study also facilitates various Departments of the State Government to execute their project in a planned way in the hill areas.

Mineral Administration
  1. Processing of Reconnaissance permit / Prospecting licence /Mining lease applications and Renewal applications for Major Minerals for grant of various licences thereof.
  2. Processing of quarry lease applications for granite for forwarding the same to Government with suitable technical suggestions for or against grant of quarry lease.
  3. Collection of royalty and Seigniorage fee from the lessees of Major Minerals and Minor Minerals both in Government land and Patta lands respectively and collection of lease amount for grant of quarry leases in Government land in respect of leases granted in Government land.

The Commissionerate of Geology & Mining is in-charge of the mineral administration in the State at the Department Level and the Secretary, Industries Department at the Government level. The Mining Department of the district functions under Deputy Director of Geology and Mining. This Department has the following functions and responsibilities at Collectorate, Nagapattinam.

  1. Generally, the Deputy Director is acting as Ex-officio Personal Assistant to the District Collector in respect of Mineral administration of the district and giving technical opinion in mineral administration matters and also scrutinize all the files relating to mineral administration before going to the District Collector.
  2. In respect of Major Minerals, scrutinizing and assisting District Collector for recommending the mining lease cases to Government through the Commissioner of Geology and Mining,and levying penalty on illicit mining.
  3. Processing all the files relating Confirmation of quarrying lease by Tender-cum-Auction for minor minerals before going to the District Collector
  4. Assisting for first appeal regarding minor minerals.
  5. Conducting Tender-cum-Auction for the sand in Government poramboke lands.
  6. Issue of bulk permits and transport permits to the lease-holders for the transportation of minerals
  7. Exploration for the detection of new mineral deposits of the District are also undertaken
  8. To regulate the mining and quarrying activities of the district by way of curbing illicit quarrying and illicit transportation of minderals



The important major minerals available in Nagapattinam District are as follows:

  1. Crude Oil
  2. Natural Gas
  3. Silica Sand
  4. Lime shell
  5. Heavy Mineral sand (Garnet, Iluminite, Rutile Zircon, Monozite)

The silica sand is an oxide of silicon which is used mainly for the manufacture of Sodium Silicate, which in turn used in the soap and detergent manufacturing industries and also used in foundries, glass making, Ceramics and as an abrasives. The Silica sand deposit is 4.86 million tonnes, occur in Vadamalai Manakkadu, Vanduvancherri, Thanikottagam villages of Vedaranyam Taluk in Nagapattinam District. There are 7 silica sand leases functioning in Nagapattinam District.


Crude Oil means Petroleum in its Natural State before it has been refined.Petroleum means naturally occurring hydro-carbons in free state whether in the form of Natural Gas or in a liquid viscous(or)solid form Natural Gas means gas obtained from bore holes and primarily consisting of hydro-carbons. The oil and Natural Gas have been extract in Narimanam, Kuthalam villages by the Oil and Natural Gas Commission.


Lime-shell deposits are available in Sirkali and Nagapattinama taluk of Nagapattinam district is about 1,87,064 Tonnes. It is used for making lime-mortar and bleaching agent in Sugar industries. In Nagapattinam District, one lime-shell lease is functioning.

Area of occurrence of silica sand in Nagapattinam District
Sl.No. Belt No. Name of the Belt Area [in Sq.M]
1 I.A Vadamalai-Manakkadu 1795
2 I.B Kariappattinam-Chettipulam 6,985
3 I.C Avarikkadu 1,000
4 I.D Nagakkudaiyan 3,200
5 II Vellikidankku-Tanikkottagam 6,500
6 III dumbavanam-Vanduvancherri 10,250
7 IV Thillaivilagam-Melvaymedu 16,500
8 V Jambuvamadal-Therkku Thillaivilagam 9500

The Heavy Mineral sands comprising on assemblage of minerals of higher specific gravity are occur as Placer deposit along the Sea Coast in the beach sand. It occurs in Tharangamapdi and Sirkali Taluks in Nagapattinam District,. Garnet is used in the abrasive industries, and manufacturing synthetic gems. Illuminate is used for aircraft industry. Zircon is used for manufacturing Zirconium Crucibles. silliminate is used for Aluminum industries. The estimated reserve of the following minerals are

Mineral Table
MineralVolume [Metric Tonnes]
Ilmenite 8670
Garnet 8450
Zircon 430
Monozite 330
Rutile 110
Leucozyme 430
Magnetite 1720

The above estimation does not include seasonal replenishment of Heavy Minerals in the Coastal area


In Nagapattinam district, minor minerals such as Sand and brick earth quarries are available. There are 8 sand quarries operating in this district in Kollidam river, Thirumalairajan River and Vettar areas. The details of quarrying leases granted for quarrying various minerals are as furnished below

Quarry details
Sl.No. Name of the minerals No. of leases in Patta lands No. of leases in Poramboke lands Remarks
1 Crude Oil and Natural Gas 2 - -
2 Silica Sand 7 - -
3 Lime Shell - 1 -
4 Sand 2 8 -
5 Brick earth 4 - -
Total 15 9 -