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Boat on Fishing Tourism Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land. 

Agriculture FieldOne of the major economies of the District, Agriculture contributes a higher share of Rice Production in the State. We have raised so many important agricultural crop in our District. Rice, Groundnut, Pulses, Gingelly, Sugarcane and Cotton.  


[sarva siksha abhiyan]

Article 45 of the Indian Constitution emphasizes a free, formal and non-formal education for all the children in the age group 6 to 14. As a part of bringing this rule into action, District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA) were implemented.

The District Primary Education Programme was implemented in 1996-97 to cater the educational needs of the children of age 5 to 10. The DPEP worked towards imparting a quantitvative and qualitative primary education to the children. As a continuous process, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was introduced in 2001-02, after the successful completion of the DPEP, in order to fulfill the educational needs of the children in the age group 5 to 14.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has successfully launched various programmes as part of the implementation of scheme. The Planning Committee at this moment thanks the meticulous efforts taken by each and every person, including the BRC Supervisors', AEO's, BRTE's and the VEC Members for the successful implementation of the scheme at the grass root level and for the one to one communion with the parents, especially with the rural ones. The on site Academic supports by these persons have revealed the hindrances in the successful implementation of the scheme and various other restrains of the poor causing in dropouts etc. The field work and office work done, keeping the objectives of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in mind, the techniques handled in the implementation of the scheme, the loopholes found in the implementation of the activities of the scheme and the continuous successes obtained from the AWP&B 2010-2011.

Scheme Activities
New Schools

Establishing new primary schools in places with a population of 300 and above where there is no such schools within a limit of one kilometer. In places with a population of 500 and above with 3 kilometres where there is no middle schools, upgrading an existing govt. primary school as a middle school.

Teachers Salary

Appointing two teachers for the new primary schools. Appointing three graduate teachers within 3 years in upgraded middle schools.

Civil Work

Constructing two class rooms for new primary schools and three classrooms for new upgraded middle schools.

Out of School Children

Giving special training through residential camp, bridge course and summer camp for the drop out students of standard 1 to 8 and then continue their school education.

Quality Education

New teaching method is to be implemented. Teachers who are handling I to VIII std in Govt. and Govt. aided schools will be given twenty days training per year.

Inclusive Education for the Differently Abled Children
  1. To make the differently abled children learn along with the normal children.
  2. To give physiotherapy and education through special teachers for the differently abled children at home.
  3. To give training for these children through the resource centres of BRCs
  4. To give training and needed equipments to mentally retarded children in special residential schools.
  5. To give training to differently abled children in day care centres.
  6. Identifying the needy differently abled children through medical camps and providing equipments and undertaking surgery for them.

Providing school grants to Govt. and Govt. aided schools yearly once. Providing maintenance grants to only Govt. schools yearly one. Providing teaching learning materials to new primary schools and upgraded middle schools.

Special Activities

Providing special trainings, needed equipments and educational trip to girls students, SC/ST Students. Giving Computer Education through CAL centre. Giving SLM lab box to the upgraded Anganwadi Centres and training to Anganwadi workers.