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Special Deputy Collector [Stamps]
Room No. 109, First Floor
District Collectorate
Nagapattinam-611 003
District Collectorate

TourismBoat on Fishing Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land. 

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revenue, mitigation and disaster management department

stamps duty tribunal

The following Acts and Rules are being implemented by the Registration Department as well as Revenue Department

  1. The Registration Act. 1908
  2. The Indian Stamp Act.1899
  3. The Tamil Nadu Stamps [Prevention of under valuation of Instruments Rules 1968]

The Registration Act 1908 deals with the powers & duties of Registering Authority when the documents are presented for registration.The Indian stamp Act.1899 deals with the procedure to be followed at the time of Collection of stamp duty, Appointment of stamp venders etc., The Tamil Nadu stamps [Prevention of undervaluation of instruments] Rules1968 deals with the procedure to be followed at the time of determination of market value by the Collector in respect of an Instrument received from the Registering Authorities under section 47A[1]of the Indian stamps Act.1899


The Inspector General of Registration, Chennai.28 is the Administrative Head of Department in Tamil Nadu for all Registration Department in Tamil Nadu as well as Chief controlling Supervising Officer in respect of the D.R.O., Stamps and Special Deputy Collector [Stamps] in the subject matter of determination of Market value of the registered document which were referred by the registering Authority U/S 47A [1] of the Indian Stamp act.1899.

All the District level 0fficers are Special Deputy Collector who have been appointed by the government for the purpose of determination of market value of the documents referred u-s 47A[1] of the Indian Stamps Act are working under the supervision of the Inspector General of Registration or Chief controlling Revenue Authority Chennai.28


Collectors of each District is the head of department to implement the rule and regularization on Indian-stamp Act and the Tamil Nadu stamps Rules 1968. and to assist the Collector in the determination of market value of the registered properties which were references U/S 47A[1] of the Indian Stamps Act.1899, the government have appointed officers in the cadre of D.R.Os. Stamps for certain District and Special Deputy Collector [Stamps] for certain Districts. The D.R.Os stamps and the Special Deputy Collectors stamps are discharging their duties of the Collector u-s 47A[1] of the Indian stamps Act.


The following staff have been of sanctioned by the Government to assist the Special Deputy Collector.

the Special Tahsildar [Stamps]
Revenue Inspector
Office Assistant


Among the three posts in the cadre of Special Tahsildars[stamps]attached to the Office of the Special Deputy Collector [Stamps],Cuddalore the following administrative arrangement has been made for the determination of market value of the documents referred U/S 47A[1] of the Indian Stamp Act

Procedure after arriving at provisional market value

The Special Deputy Collector [stamps] shall communicate a copy of his order provisionally determining the market value of the registered properties and the duty payable to all persons who are liable to pay the stamp duty along with the notice in Form II and call upon the parties to lodge their objections if any, to such determination of the market value within the time specified in the notice. The Special Deputy Collector shall also the parties on the date specified in the notice on or such other days as may be fixed by him.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Special Deputy Collector,[stamps] in the determination of market value of the properties

The Special Deputy Collector, [stamps] is the head of the Department for the office of the Special Deputy Collector [stamps] Nagapattinam. He is passing final order in respect of the instruments referred u-s 47[A][1] and 47A[3] of the Indian Stamps Act.1899 by registering offices appointed under the Indian Registration Act.1908. If the registering offices while registering any instruments [documents] of conveyance, exchange gifts release of benami right or settlement, has reason to believe that the market value of the property which is the subject matter of conveyance exchange, gift etc., has not been truly set forth in the instruments he may after registering such instruments, refer the same to the Special Deputy Collector [stamps] U/S 47A[1] of the Indian Stamp Act.1899 for determination of the market value of such property and the stamp duty payable thereon. On receipt of a reference under sub/section [1] of section 47, from a registering officer the Special Deputy Collector shall issue a notice in form. I to every person by whom and to every person in favour after instrument has been executed, informing him of the receipt of the reference and asking him to submit his representations, if any, in writing to show that the market value of the said property has been totally set forth in the instruments and also to produce all evidence that he has in support of his representation within 21 days from the date of service of the notice . After giving a reasonable opportunity and subsequent field inspection and local enquiry a provisional order will be passed as per rule 1968 determining the market value and stamp duty payable.

Final order determining the market value

The Special Deputy Collector shall after considering the representations received in writing and those urged at the time of hearing or in the absence of any representation from the parties concerned or their failure to appear in person at the time of hearing in any case after careful consideration of all the relevant factors and evidences available, pass on or final orders as stipulated in Rule 7, within three months from the date of first notice

The difference in stamp duty is payable within 60- days from the date of passing final orders and if the amount is not remitted within 60 days 2% interest will be charged till the date of remittance of stamp duty in full. The Special Deputy Collector stamps shall after collecting the difference in amount of stamp duty and interest if any under section 47A give certificate in Form.II by endorsement on the instrument and send it to the Registering Office concerned to return the original document after collection of 1% registration fees.


The Chief controlling Revenue Authority, Chennai 28 is the appellate authority Any person aggrieved by the final order of the Special Deputy Collector [stamps]Madras under section 47A[2] & 47A[3] shall be prefer appeal against the said order to the Chief controlling Revenue Authority, Chennai. 28 within 60 days from the date of final order passed by the Special Deputy Collector. The appellate authority if admits the appeal shall fix a date of hearing of the appeal after hearing the representation of the aggrieve parties or his council, the appellate authority himself can determine it market value in the case where the market value determined by the Special Deputy Collector is not correct and passed final order based on the hearing records are evidences produces by the aggrieved parties.

As against the order of the appellate authority passed either U/S 47A[5] or 47A[6] a further appeal is provided to the High Court U/S 47A [10] within two months from the date of final orders passed by the Chief Controlling Revenue Authority.

Right to Information Act, 2005

The following Official are appointed for giving information under Right Information Act.2005

rti Officer matrix
Public Information Officer Special Deputy Collector Stamps
Asst. Information Officer Superintendent
Appellate Authority Inspector General of Registration, Chennai,28