department of economics and statistics

The Department of Economics and Statistics is the nodal agency for both State and Centre, as State Statistical Bureau of Tamil Nadu, for coordinating Statistical activities in the State and is responsible for collection, compilation, tabulation and publication of statistics relating to all sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, Industries, Prices, Housing, State Income, etc., It is also responsible for the conduct of Crop Estimation Surveys, construction of Index Numbers of Industrial Production and Prices, preparation of State District, Block and Municipal Hand Books, Conduct of Annual Survey of Industries, National Sample Survey, Agricultural Census, Economic Census, etc.


The Directorate of Economics & Statistics aims to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in governance by means of providing important and vital statistics and information being the nodal department of National Capital Territory of Delhi for collection, compilation, analysis and presentation of statistical data and information.

The mission
  1. To explore, research and compile important statistical information needed for good governance.
  2. To increase efficiency in government plans.
  3. To improve organizational functioning through statistical tools in the spheres of the departmental planning
  4. To call upon process improvement through re-engineering of work processes with the help of statistical tools like systematic collection, interpretation and presentation of data in order to set achievable goals.
  5. To facilitate various agencies, organisations, departments as well as general public by making the important statistics easily accessible and understandable with the help of various statistical tools and methods.

Directorate of Economics & Statistics is nodal department of tamil nadu for collection, compilation, analysis and presentation of statistical data and information.The information on the following important indicators is also available

  1. Population Statistics based on Population Census
  2. Density of Population
  3. Birth rate
  4. Death rate
  5. Literacy rate
  6. Sex ratio
  7. Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers
  8. Number of Vehicles
  9. Economic Census
  10. Election Statistics
  11. Entertainment Statistics
  12. Police, Crime and Accidents
  13. Labour Statistics
  14. Health Statistics
  15. Vital Statistics
  16. State Domestic Product (State Income)
  17. Education Statistics
  18. Industrial Statistics and other related statistics of tamil nadu
Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers

DES also releases CPI number for industrial workers on monthly basis. This index is useful for calculation of Dearness Allowance to be paid to the industrial workers in Tamil Nadu

List of Publications

Directorate of Economics & Statistics also releases publications on various socio-economic surveys. Some publications are priced and some are free. A copy of the publication can be obtained from the Directorate of Economics & Statistics

What is a Citizen Charter?

A Citizen Charter aims at addressing some of the problems of interface between the Government and its citizens and also continuously improving the quality of public services for the people at large to make them responsive to their needs and wishes. The basic objective of the citizens' charter is to empower the citizens in relation to public service delivery in areas like improvement of quality and provision of standard services with the taxpayer's money. This should lead to accountability of organizations and their staff with total transparency about the rules, regulations and the processes and procedures. It also aims at providing a mechanism for redressal of citizens' grievances.

This is a welcome step to provide the basic information to the public and to open the vistas of transparency and accountability in the systems. These charters are required to spell out the standards of services and time limits within which the public can reasonably expect the disposal of the requests made by them to the government.

types of services
  1. Directorate of Economics & Statistics is the Nodal Agency of NCT of Delhi for collection, complilation, analysis and presentation of statistical data and information.
  2. Conduct of socio economic surveys through different NSS rounds and provide social economic statistics based on these surveys.
  3. Conduct of Annual Survey of Industries and provide Industrial Statistics.
  4. Compile the index of Industrial Production (IIP)
  5. Collection of prices on behalf of Labour Bureau and provide Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers.
  6. Compile the reports on Registration of Births & Deaths and Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD)
  7. Provide data related to vital statistics i.e. birth rate, death rate, IMR, No. Of births & deaths registered in Delhi etc.
  8. Provide population statistics based on population census.
  9. Conduct of economic census.
  10. Compile State Domestic Product. (State Income)
  11. Dissemination of data through various publications.
  12. Conduct adhoc surveys as per the directions of Government.